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Prof. Alok Kumar Rai

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From Vice Chancellor's Desk

Lucknow stands apart not only on the grounds of carrying a prodigious legacy of meritocracy, cultural pluralism and collectivism, but also for nurturing an intellect driven social system that strives for excellence in terms of teaching, research, innovation and extension. Established in the year 1920 for teaching Arts, Science, Commerce, Medicine and Law in the borrowed premises of different academic institutions, the university has today metamorphosed into a mammoth nucleus of education with 09 faculties segregated into 48 departments and 12 institutes in two campuses spread over 219 acres along with over 170 associated colleges. The University’s central library, the Tagore Library, serves as a prolific source, both online and offline, of books, journals, and Ph.D. and D.Litt. dissertations. The university also houses several other facilities such as University Data Resource Centre, Central Facility for Computational Research, Human Resource Development Centres etc. and residential facilities for staff and students.

University of Lucknow is in pursuit of developing its students and has designed  its system not just to strengthen the intellectual quotient of the students but also their emotional and spiritual quotient. University of Lucknowalso recognizes the responsibility it bears towards its stakeholders, particularly, the students and the society at large. Student centricity serves as the north star in the campus as it guides the decisions of both the administration and academia alike. We aim at offering our students the best of the learning opportunities with the help of contemporary curriculum design, industry interaction, research, innovation and infrastructure. Among several notable initiatives is the implementation of New Education Policy in letter and spirit at its Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D. program with incorporation of the Choice Based credit system, inter departmental and intra departmental credit transfers, flexible entry and exit, freezed and open electives, credited and non-credited value added courses, online learning, internship, dissertation etc. As New Education Policy enhances the education and employment prospects of students in the global milieu, University of Lucknow is swiftly moving towards the internationalization of its education by entering into agreements with various international academic/research  institutions for student and faculty mobility, joint research projects and other forms of knowledge transfer. University of Lucknow has prepared new ordinances for all its programs in the wake of the changes proposed in New Education Policy 2020.

With these and several other initiatives, we aspire to create a difference in the lives of each of our students and assist them in preparing for challenges lying beyond the campus. We are determined to develop leaders who are equipped with inquisitiveness, intelligence and inventiveness,as well as are driven by common sense, compassion and an unwavering commitment to human values. We have taken it upon ourselves to serve as the nebula that produces torchbearer stars of an egalitarian society that thrives on inclusivity and innovation.

University of Lucknow seeks to transform into an educational ecosystem that enables and empowers its students, faculty, alumni and society along with other stakeholders. We envisage a system that encourages civilized dialogue, discourses and dissent; one that promotes diversity and protects veracity; where excellence becomes convention and perseverance becomes the credo. We are grateful to every individual and organization that has invested in the progress of this great institution. They inspire us to take it to an altitude even greater than where we stand today. We seek the cooperation of everyone in creating an environment conducive for imparting value-based education at the University and its associated colleges. We invite everyone to be a part of this journey towards becoming thebeau idéal of higher education in India.

Best Wishes!