Arogya Bhawan

In-house medical facilities in the form of a dispensary now called Arogya Bhawan have been part of the University from the very beginning. It provides Medicare for all our students and staff. Healthcare facilities are in the form of First Aid when the situation arises. Arogya Bhawan is well equipped with all basic health related facilities such as glucometer, thermometer, B.P. Apparatus (manual as well as electronic), weight measuring machines, height measuring machines, nebulizer, autoclave for sterilization of medical instruments, dressing drums stretcher, wheel chairs, patient beds etc.

There are three doctors, two of whom are Allopathic and one is Homeopathic, have been appointed. Total staffs of ten are working for smooth running of the dispensary. There are two Ambulances, one of which is ready 24x7 for transport in both campuses (second campus is in Jankipuram, Lucknow) in case of emergency. The other Ambulance possess latest state of the art facilities such as oxygen cylinder, first aid kit etc.

Apart from health care facilities the aim of Arogya Bhawan is to organize regular health check-up and awareness camps in both the campuses as well as in the city by the active support from various other departments of the University. These camps are regularly organized in active collaborations with other Hospitals, social service providers and NGOs of the city also.

Arogya Bhawan is also equipped with a ward with all basic facilities for day admission of patients in case of emergency. In case of complication/ need of more advanced treatment the patient is sent to the nearest hospital preferably KGMU or Vivekananda Polyclinic by our state of the art Ambulance.

Arogya Bhawan distributes both allopathic as well as homeopathic medicines to the patients free of cost those prescribed by our doctors. All general medicines such as fever, vomiting, arthritis, cough and cold, allergy, pain, gastroenteritis, burn etc. are procured for distribution on regular basis.


Work Force:

Dr. Kusum Yadav (In-charge)
Associate Professor (Biochemistry) & Assistant Dean Students Welfare
Mobile: +91-9452490044
Dr B.B. Mishra, M.D.Dr. B.B. Mishra, M.D.
Phone: +91-9450367312
Dr Mukul Chandra, M.SDr. Mukul Chandra, M.S.
Phone: +91-9839608851
Dr Praveen Singh, B.H.M.S.Dr. Praveen Singh, B.H.M.S.
Phone: +91-9450866013