Faculty of Science


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The Faculty of Science was created with the inception of the University of Lucknow in the year 1921 with four departments of Botany, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology. Subsequently, the Department of Chemistry was established in 1927. New departments emerged out of these such as the Department of Geology evolved from the Department of Botany in 1942, Department of Biochemistry evolved from the Department of Chemistry in 1955, Department of Statistics from the Department of Mathematics and subsequently, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Environmental Sciences were added to the Faculty subsequently. Astronomy subject was added to the nomenclature of the Department of Mathematics at a very early stage and remains a pioneering department of Astronomy at the national level.

The Faculty of Science represents a research-oriented faculty and has produced luminaries such as Prof. Birbal Sahni, FRS and a legend in the field of Palaeobotany; Prof. P. S. McMahon, FNI from the University of Oxford; Prof. J.A. Strang, a legend of Mathematics; and Prof. A. N. Singh, the dynamic mathematician and a legend of Hindu Mathematics and Astronomy; the physicists, Dr D. B. Deodhar and Prof. Wali Mohammad; Dr G.S. Thapar and Prof. K. N. Bahl belonging to the Department of Zoology and many more. Prof. Birbal Sahni also established the Department of Geology, whereas Prof. P.S. Krishnan initiated the Department of Biochemistry along with Dr Soma Kumar; Prof. B.P. Adhikari and Prof. V.S. Huzurbazar laid the foundation of the Department of Statistics.

Lately, several academic programmes have been added in the Faculty of Science such as undergraduate programmes in the areas of Home Science, Agriculture, Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics and Post Graduate programme in Agriculture. Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) in Gemmology and Renewable Energy Technology was also added to the bouquet of the Faculty of Science.