Dean, College Development

Prof. Audhesh Kumar
Department of Commerce
University of Lucknow
Lucknow  - 226007
Mobile: 9415549827

As per the UGC guidelines every affiliating university should establish an office of Dean of College Development with the back-up of a College Development Council.  College Development Council would be an effective link between colleges and the university on the one hand and the Government, State Council for Higher Education and U.G.C on the other. It would be desirable if the UGC/SCHE/State Government delegates schemes involving small funds for implementation of the College Development Council.

Objectives of CDC
  • The College Development Council would serve as an academic guide to the college system on the one hand and to ensure interaction between the academic facilities in the University Departments and the teachers in the Colleges on the other hand
  • To guide and organise seminars/symposia/workshops at the colleges of higher education.
  • Function as a policy making body in regard to proper planning and integrated development of Colleges.
  • Advise the University on all matters relating to development of affiliated colleges, such as provision of adequate facilities, academic and physical for raising the standard of learning, teaching and research and its periodic evaluation for enabling the university to maintain reasonable continuity of policy in regard to development of colleges.
  • Prepare a perspective plan for the development and opening of new colleges to enable the University and State Education authorities to take long term decisions on the planning and development of colleges and may advise the University on matters relating to different disciplines to be taught in colleges at different levels of University education.
  • Keep close contact with the colleges with a view to helping them in their proper development, selection of teachers, student amenities, proper utilisation of grants and efficient implementation of UGC approved projects and reforms, restructuring of courses to make them more relevant and significant not only to students, but also to the region as a whole by assessing social transformation and regional development needs.
  • Review the facilities for post-graduate departments of colleges in terms of the norms prescribed by the UGC and assist those having the potential of coming up to the norms.
  • Help in the implementation of the regulation framed by the UGC regarding minimum standards of instruction for the award of first degree and also regarding restructuring of courses at the undergraduate level.
  • Ensure close and continued contactand interaction between the academic faculties at the university teaching departments and at the colleges.
  • Identification of the needs and gaps that need to be filled for the development of colleges.
  • Raising the standard of learning, teaching and research in the colleges.
  • Keeping close contact with the colleges with a view to help them in their proper development, selection of teachers, and student amenities.
  • Co-curricular and extra curricular activities form an integral part of the learning experience.
  • Every College has established a Cultural Activities Board for promoting Cultural Activities within the student community and would liaison with ‘Sanskriti’ at the University level in conducting cultural events.
IT Task Force
  • With continuous rise in student strength, and technological developments, it has become imperative to use Computers for managing information.
  • Every college needs to immediately launch a College web site, some colleges have already done so.
  • All colleges are expected to set up an IT task force for coordinated and ensure the speedy implementation of computerisation of the work processes and a wi-fi enabled campus.
Teacher welfare measures
  • An important challenge is to ensure the welfare and development of the college teachers.
  • The workload should not be as per the provisions of the Statutes and UGC norms.
  • Payment of salary through Bank account transfer to be ensured.

 The Team

Dr. Raghvendra Pratap Singh
Additional Dean, CDC
Mobile: 9728175877
Dr. Paramjeet Singh
Assistant Dean, CDC
Mobile: 8445562501