Online Study Material, Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry

Prof. Naveen K Khare

Prof. Arun Sethi

Prof. Anil Mishra

Prof. Abha Bishnoi

Prof. R.M. Naik

Dr. Joy Sarkar

Dr. Bijoy Kundu

Dr. C.L. Yadav

Dr. Abhinav Kumar

Dr. N.K. Singh

Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh

Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava

Dr. S.B. Singh

Department of Biochemistry

Prof. R.K. Mishra

Prof. Sudhir Mehrotra

Dr. Kusum Yadav

Dr. Ashutosh Singh

Department of Botany

Prof. Nalini Pandey

Prof. Vivek Prasad

Prof. Gauri Saxena

Prof. Shalini Srivastava

Dr. Ratna Katiyar

Dr. S.N. Pandey

Dr. Md Israil Ansari 

Dr. Amit Singh

Dr. Alka Kumari

Dr. Rajesh Tiwari

Dr. Amritesh C Shukla

Department of Computer Science

Prof. Brijendra Singh

Dr. Puneet Misra

Dr. S.P. Kanojiya

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gautam

Department of Geology

Prof. Rameshwar Bali

Prof. K.K. Agarwal

Prof. Vibhuti Rai

Prof. Ajay Mishra

Prof. Dhruvsen Singh

Prof. S. Sensarma

Dr. Purnima Srivastava

Dr. Munendra Singh

Dr. Manoj Yadav

Department of Physics

Prof. Poonam Tandon

Prof. Rajesh Shukla

Prof. Balak Das

Prof. Anchal Srivastava

Prof. Neeraj Misra

Prof. N.K. Pandey

Prof. Naveena Wadhwani

Prof. Onkar Prasad

Prof. Manisha Gupta

Prof. Rajiv Manohar

Prof. M.M. Verma

Prof. A.K. Singh

Prof. Leena Sinha

Dr. Punit Kumar

Dr. Mahendra Kumar

Dr. Daya Shankar

Dr. Anar Singh

Dr. C.R. Gautam

Dr. Amrendra Kumar

Dr. Roli Verma

Dr. Vinod Kumar

Dr. Priya Gupta

Dr. Asheesh Awasthi

Renewable Energy

Dr. Jyotsna SIngh

Department of Mathematics and Astronomy

    Prof. Poonam Sharma

    Prof. Bhaskar Srivastava

    Prof. Praveen Nagar

    Prof. Vivek Sahai

    Prof. Meena Sahai

    Prod. R.R. Yadav

    Prof. U.S. Rajput

    Prof. Pankaj Mathur

    Dr. Vineet Verma

    Dr. Alka Misra

    Dr. Anand Ballabh Joshi

    Dr. Swarnima Bahadur

    Dr. Shyam Kishore

    Dr. Rekha Srivastava

    Dr. Sushil Kumar

    Dr. Anupama Rastogi

    Dr. Pragya Mishra, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhaya Govt. Girl’s P.G. College

    Department of Statistics

    Prof. Rajeev Pandey

    Prof. Sheela Mishra

    Dr. Akash Asthana

    Dr. Ashok Kumar Moral

    Dr. Anupama Singh

    Dr. Shambhavi Mishra

    Dr. Rajiv Saksena

    Department of Zoology

    Prof. Sudhir Kumar

    Prof. Omkar

    Prof. S.P. Trivedi

    Prof. M. Serajuddin

    Dr. Geetanjali Mishra

    Dr. Madhu Gupta

    Dr. Shalie Malik

    Prof. Monisha Banerjee

    Dr. Suchit Swaroop

    Dr. Amit Tripathi

    Dr. Manoj Kumar

    Dr. Kalpana Singh

    Dr. Ashish Kumar

    Ecology 1

    Institute of Food Processing and Food Technology

    Dr. Vidyanand Tiwari

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