Online Study Material, Faculty of Arts

Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology

Prof. Anil Kumar

Prof. S.K. Jaiswal

Prof. Prashant Srivastava

Prof. Piyush Bhargava

Dr. Durgesh Srivastava

Dr. Anitya Gaurav

Department of Defence Studies

Dr. O.P. Shukla

Dr. Shabeena Azmi 

Dr. Jetendra Rastogi 

Department of Economics

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Kamna Sengupta

Dr. Roli Misra

Dr. Ashok Kaithal

Dr. Sashi Lata SIngh

Department of Psychology

Prof. Madhurima Pradhan

Prof. Pallavi Bhatnagar

Dr. Lalit Kumar Singh

Department of Public Administration

Prof. Nand Lal Bharti

Dr. Vaishali Saxena

Dr. Nandita Kaushal

Dr. S.S. Chauhan

Dr. Shraddha Chandra

Dr. Utkarsh Mishra

Dr. Avinash Kumar

Department of Linguistics

Prof. K. Srikumar


Prof. Kavita Rastogi

Dr. Madri Kakoti

Department of English and Modern European Languages

Prof. Ranu Uniyal

Prof. Nishi Pandey

Prof. R.P. Singh

Prof.  Nazneen Khan

Prof. Madhu SIngh

Prof. Onkarnath Upadhyay

Dr. Meenakshi Pawha

Dr. H.N. Prasad

Dr. S.M. Mirza

Dr. Fatima Rizvi

Dr. Shiv Govind Puri

Dr. Raj Gaurav Verma

Dr. R.B. Sharma

Dr. Vineet Maxwell David 

Prof. Maitraye Priyadarshini 

Prof.  A.K. Lal 

Department of Midevial and Modern Indian History

Dr. Shama Mahmood

Dr. Manisha

Department of Journalism and Mass Communucation

Prof. Mukul Srivastava

Department of Philosophy

Prof. Kanchan Saxena

Dr. Rajendra Verma

Dr. Mamta Singh

Dr. R.P. Singh

Department of Anthropology

Prof. U.P. Singh

Dr. Keya Pandey

Dr. Kamyani Vajpayee

Dr. Vibha Bajpai

Dr. Tara Bhatt

Dr. Saurabh SIngh

Dr. Aishwarya Awasthi

Dr. Sayed Mashiyat Husain Rizvi

Dr. Gaurav Mishra

Department of Political Science

Prof. Sanjay Gupta

Prof. Manuka Khanna

Prof. Kamal Kumar

Dr. R.P. Singh

Department of Hindi and Modern Indian Languages 

Prof. Y.P. Singh

Prof. Pawan Agarwal

Prof. Alka Pandey

Dr. Mamta Tiwari

Dr. Shruti

Dr. Rahul Pandey

Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages

Prof. Brijesh Kumar Shukla

Dr. Bhuvneshwari Bharadwaj

Dr. Ashok Satpathy

Dr. P.N. Mishra

Dr. Abhimanyu  Singh

Department of Oriental Sanskrit

Dr. Prerna Mathur

Department of Jyotirvigyan

Dr. Anil Kumar Porwal

Dr. Bipin Kumar Pandey

Department of Physical Education

Dr. Neeraj Jain

Dr. Alpana Bajpai

Dr. Awdhesh Shukla

Dr. Ganesh Shanker Pandey

Department of Arabic

Dr. Musheer Hussain

Dr. Md. Idris

Dr. Tariq

Dr. Riyaz Ahmad Riyazi 

Dr. Mukhtarul Ameen 

Department of Persian

Dr. Arshadul Quadri

Dr. Umar Kamaluddin

Drpertment of Social Work

Prof. D.K. Singh

Prof. Gurnam Singh

Prof. Rakesh Dwivedi

Prof. Anoop Kumar Bhartiya

Dr. Rajneesh Yadav

Dr. Garima SIngh

Dr. Sandhya Yadav

Dr. Shikha Singh

Dr. Neeti Kushwaha

Dr. Omendra Yadav

Department of Sociology

Prof. D.R. Sahu

Prof. S.K. Chaudhary

Dr. Archana Verma

Dr. Rangoli Chandra

Dr. Saroj Dhall

Dr. Pratibha Raj

Dr. Pramod Gupta

Department of Library and Information Sciences

Dr. Babita Jaiswal

Dr. Garima Bisaria

Dr. Pratibha Shukla

Dr.Rakhi Singh

Dr. Ranjana Srivastava

Department of Western History

Prof. Madhu Rajput

Prof. Archana Tiwari

Prof. Abha Trivedi

Dr. Shalini Pathak

Department of Geography

Dr. A. C. Scott

Dr. Anupama Rebecca Anthony

Dr. Arun Dwivedi

Dr, Sangeeta Sachan

Institute of Tourism Studies

Dr. Anupama Srivastava

Dr. Suyash Yadav

Dr. Amar Tiwari

Dr. Sumit

Dr. Amar Tiwari

Institute of Women Studies

Dr. Sanju Tripathi

Dr. Pravesh Dwivedi

Dr. Amit Pandey

Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharna Institute of Democracy

Dr. Yusuf Malik

Dr. Ginni Braj

Dr. Priyanka Singh

Dr. Kalpana Gupta

Dr. Deep Narain Pandey

Dr. Girilal Gupta Institute of Public Health

Dr. Sumit

Dr. Priya Srivastava

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