Balrampur Boys Hall

Balrampur Boys Hall is housed in a building which is 150 years old and was donated to the university by Maharaja Balrampur. It is a large building situated opposite ‘Safed Baradari’ near Kesar Bagh. The building is large and has huge lawns and big single seated rooms. It was initially allotted to the boys pursuing Management courses. However in recent years it is being allotted to International students. Currently 33 students are residing in the hall.
The hall has an in-house kitchen which provides a gas stove, induction plate, refrigerator, freezers and deep freezers with utensil and cooking ware for the students to cook as per their personal choices. Water cooler with purifiers, geyser and washing machines are provided. There is a gymnasium with a exercise machines, dumble sets, treadmills etc. A recreation room with TV, newspapers and indoor games are also provided along with a badminton court for outdoor activity. The boys also enjoy yoga classes arranged for them.
The boys actively participate and hold their cultural activities to showcase their festivals and traditions.

Provost Dr. Ajai Prakash
Department of Business Administration
University of Lucknow
Lucknow - 226007
Mobile: 9415189033
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