Art Gallery & Rare Collections

Photo Gallery of Art Objects

In 1935, Late Mr D.N. Bonerjee donated a valuable collection of some art exhibits and original paintings of Chugtai. This formed the nucleus for the establishment of a Art Gallery in the Library.

During the years, 1940-45, Late Prof. Radha Kamal Mukherjee, the then Hony. Librarian donated a number of paintings of Indian artists and acquired art material and paintings through purchase, as well as gift from the famous Indian artists.

The first Art Exhibition was organised in 1942.

The next exhibition was organised in the year 1975 during the regime of the then Hony. Librarian Prof. R.P. Agarwal.

Project for Restoration of Art Gallery
  • Tagore Library has Art Gallery where about 400 rare and invaluable paintings of Eminent Painters of Indian arts and art objects are preserved.
  • Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India has sanctioned a grant of Rs.3.42 lakhs for the restoration of Art Gallery and Museum.

Rare Collections

  • Manuscript-Section has about two thousand rare manuscripts on paper & palm leaf
  • Most of these manuscripts are about very old.
  • These manuscripts are in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sanskrit & Granth Lipi.
  • Visitors from various places of India and abroad come here to consult the manuscripts for their research work.

Projects for Conservation of Manuscripts

  • As of now, two Projects have been prepared for the preservation of Manuscripts which were funded by National Archives of India, New Delhi.
  • Rs.One lakh was sanctioned for the first project.
  • Rs. Two lakhs were sanctioned for the second project.
  • Second project of Manuscripts completed in Dec. 2013.