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The University Data Resource Centre (UDRC) is being developed as a facility for automation by developing and implementing software solution developed on the latest technology and centralized database concept for Faculty, non teaching staff of the University, campus students, college students and Colleges. This centre would be headed by Prof. Anil Mishra, Department of Chemistry has been given the responsibility to establish the centre as well as manage it.

The entire solution would be implemented in phases by getting the masters created for entering the transaction data. Onsite technical manpower would be trained for coordinating the smooth functioning of all the software modules. All the modules that are being developed will be integrated with each other and will work as a complete solution.

There would be a User Management Module with Role Management functionality for login creations of various levels and their management. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) will be developed for managing all the Users accessing the UDRC. All the users registered will be provided different roles designation wise. The master data would be managed by the administrator.

The data of undergraduate students of the University would be managed through the respective Dean of Faculties while the data of Post graduate and Doctoral students would be managed through respective Head of Departments.

The entire teaching faculty would be assigned their own login by the Head. Through this they will be able to update their Profile such as Qualification, Upload CV, Upload Photograph, Personal Webpage URL, Biodata, Teaching Areas / Subjects, Research Areas & Interests, Consulting Areas, Positions Held, Recent Significant Publications, Articles, Cases, Conferences, Seminars & Talks, Awards & Recognitions, Academic Administrative Services to the University. The Faculty Profile will be visible on the Lucknow University Website.

The University authorities will have the provision to search and view the student data. A module will be developed through which the Officials/ Faculty will have the provision to enter the achievements, award, and punishment for students throughout his academic year. This would also be visible on the student module.

The students of the University campus would be given their own login through which they can view their details such as result, fee submissions, hostel, etc. They would be able to pay their University fees through this login and download the fee receipt from here. However the students will only be able to view the data. Not editing can be done by them. If they need to rectify any data they can submit their request through this portal and the administration would make the necessary changes.

A module is being developed to manage the relevant data of colleges and students admitted in these colleges. All colleges would be given their login through which they have to upload the college details. The college profile, teaching faculties, subjects available and other relevant details would be entered by the college authorities themselves. These data would be available on the Lucknow University website also. Colleges would also have to upload the details of students admitted.

UDRC Management
Prof. Anil Mishra  Director
Prof. Naveen Khare Deputy Director
Dr. Joy Sarkar Deputy Director
Dr, Vineet Kumar Technical Expert
Dr Ravi Shankar Gupta Technical Expert



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