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The Counseling and Placement Cell, University of Lucknow

The Director Announces the Importance of Training for Placements and Started Sessions

The Director Bagged the very Prestigious DST Nimat from Edi Gujarat for CPC through the Training was executed in 2018 but it was Bagged in this Period. The Result was CPC was Able to Produce 20 Entrepreneurs with Presently 11 Incubated Ideas

This Created History for LU
Within Three Months the CPC Established its Name and Fame around the State so much so that the State Government Proposed CPC do Recruit for them

The Decision was taken early and later on Recruitments were made for the 85 Posts for 17 Districts of Uttar Pradesh by CPC for the Directorate, Mahila Kalyan UP Shasan
The Execution was done later on but the decision of the Government was taken in early 2017

The Contribution of CPC Assisted in establishing a brand image of Lucknow at the National Level
A National Level Research Finding


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